This new soile for both variety from corne, fresh fruit, and cattell seemeth to get inferiour so you can nothing other

Of territorie from Fez. ‘Estward they beginneth from the riuer off Buragrag, and stretcheth eastward into the riuer named Inauen: and therefore a couple riuers are nearly a hundred kilometers distant asunder. Northward it Orgebu.

bordereth vpon the latest riuer *Subu, and you can southward vpon the fresh foote off Atlas. Inside prouince you’ll get a hold of of numerous exceeding high communities, which may for their bignes, not vnfitly feel entitled townes. This new plaines of part haue beene therefore lost that have previous warres, you to definitely not too many inhabitants stay vpon her or him, but certaine poore silly Arabians, a number of whom haue soil of its owne, and some possesse surface in keeping, both towards the customers away from Fez, otherwise towards the queen, usually with a few courtier. Although industries regarding Sala and you may Mecnase was tilled from the most other Arabians out-of better membership, and are also typically subiect into queen off Fez. And today things which can be woorthy away from memorie within region assist versus here create statement away from.

This new buildings of the towne carrie a good shew of antiquitie towards them, are forcibly carued and you will stately served with marble pillers

His really old citie was established from the Romans, and you will sacked of the Gothes. And afterward in the event that Mahumetans armie had been entred into the exact same region, the brand new Gothes gaue it to help you Tarick among their captaines.18 But euer because the go out that Fez is centered, Sela hath beene subiect vnto the gouernours thereof. It is most respectfully situate vpon the sea water-coastline, contained in this halfe a mile from Rebat; one another and this townes new riuer Buragrag separateth insunder. The temples are very beautifull, in addition to their shops are created vnder highest porches. As well as the end of euery row away from shop are an arc, which (reported by users) will be to diuide that profession fro other. 19 Moreouer hither lodge every kinde off merchants each other Christians and you will someone else. Right here brand new Genowaies, Venetians, English and you may lowe Dutch vsed so you’re able to traffique.20 English trafIn new 670. yeere of your Hegeira which towne are surprized by a good certaine Castilian captaine, new people getting set Sela woou from the i ^ – . » . .

And (to state all in a keyword) here’s little in search of, and this can be necessary in a choice of a most honourable citie, or in a thriving commonwealth

in order to airline, together with Christians enioying the fresh new citie. And in case castuia, plus they had kept it 10 daies, getting for the abrupt assailed ZTtk^fthe””1″ from the Iacob the first queen of the ilie (just who you can expect to Hns °f Fc=not, they envision, surcease their warre up against Tremizen) these people were lay toward woorst, the greater part being slaine, plus the residue set to help you trip. Out-of thencefoorth one to prince fauoured of the many their subiects, enioyed the newest kingdome, shortly after who oasis dating hile apk lineally been successful the ones from his owne race and blood. And you will albeit which towne was a student in so couple daies recouered of the enemie ; yet , a beneficial worlde it absolutely was observe, just what a good woonderfull alteration all of new homes as well as the condition off gouernment took place. Of numerous properties with the towne is actually

kept desolate, specifically neere the towne-walles : which, albeit they are most stately and you may curiously founded, yet zero son there is certainly that reside in them. The lands adioyning vpon this towne was sandie: none will they be fit for corne, however for thread-wooll when you look at the diuers locations really profitable. The newest populace, diuers ones, doe weaue most excellent thread. Here likewise were created extremely great combes ; which happen to be bought in all the kingdome from Fez, towards the area thereabout yeeldeth great loads of package, as well as other wood complement a comparable objective. Their gouernment is really arranged and you will discerning vntill today: having they have really discovered iudges, vmpires, and you may deciders regarding doubtfull cases in the lawe. That it towne is visited by many people rich resellers from Genoa, which this new queen hath alwaies had for the higher regarde; just like the he gaineth far yeerely because of the their traffique. Brand new said merchants haue its aboad and you may diet, partly here at Sella, and you can partially within Fez : regarding each other which cities it mutually helpe the traffique among several other. Such Genowaies I discovered inside their affaires off merchandize getting exceeding liberall: to have they will invest genuinely to get a great courtiers fauour, not so much because of their owne priuate gaine, on feel esteemed bountifull of the strangers. Within my A provider of energy there’s a keen respectable gentlema out-of Genoa throughout the Genoa.

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