I got a loan because I needed to pay my water bill

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PLEASE DON’T GET A LOAN. THEY RIP YOU OFF. I got $300 for my Impala in April. I made a payment in June and my father was in the hospital. The loan was in his name. I was 3 days late. They repossessed my car. Took it almost an 1 hr away. I haven’t gotten yet but will in 1 day. I have to pay over $800 on a $300 loan. This should be against the law so please learn from my lesson. DON’T DO IT.

IT’S NOT WORTH IT! I know times are hard for everyone, but please ask a friend, make arrangements for bills. I used cash point a few times but always paid way over the loan. I took out a 1000 loan and paid 334 each moth for over 6 months. When I call to pay off the loan, I still had a balance of 1015. I was angry that all of my on time payments only went toward interest. I was going on vacation and decided to take out a 350 loan for some extra cash. I got the check and it got stuck in the ATM on the weekend. My bank was closed so I called and asked them to cancel that check and please issue another. No one could help me, they said “company policy”. Okay, I understand it wasn’t their fault, but I am a customer and have made every past payment on time and in full. The manager ** never personally called me as I was really upset I was leaving the country the next morning.

He just kept telling the cashier by phone “company policy”. He didn’t care I was a great customer, he did not try to help. He said I had to bring the check back to confirm it was actually stuck in the atm. Helllllooooooo. How could I do that when I was leaving the country, and show a check that was stuck in the atm. https://signaturetitleloans.com/payday-loans-al/ I told them I should not be charged daily interest when I never cancelled a check that got stuck in the atm. This caused me a lot of stress as I was hoping to use that money for my trip. a total waste. This put the nail in the coffin for me. Maybe it was a sign I shouldn’t have taken out that loan as I had reservations about how they over charge for the loan in the first place. Keep your hard earned money in your pocket. This should be illegal.

I do not recommend anyone to take out a title loan. I took out a loan for $1000 but do not recall it being explained to me that the first six months is only interest payments. The representative did say try to pay more than what is required but I do not feel it was made clear to me that the payments set up for me to pay would not go toward the principal. I threw money away. I see how people can lose their cars to these companies because most people will have the amount they are requesting for the final payment. It is clearly a rip off. I paid the balance in full but was told that because I was not paying in cash, they had to hold my title for 30 days. I was told as soon as the loan was paid in full I would get my car title.

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