However, Google has launched a new effort to stop these companies

They are suing them in courts. Many of these companies are smart enough to not actually say officially that they are Google but are able to make it you think they are. With many, if you ask if they are with Google, they will tell you they are not and they are a third party. You can report them to google at this form.

That form is to report companies that are misrepresenting Google, third-parties that repeatedly call or robocall, third-parties that are demanding money to either claim your listing or keep your listing active. How is the form abusive? It’s only abusive towards those that are violating Google’s policy.

Google actually does fight these companies

******* is another one here in Boca Raton.. Total garbage.. .. They charge 399 which is the absolute max a credit processor willl allow for this service.

I would state the name of the Florida business claiming fraudulently to represent google but DDL policy is not to post names or phone numbers.

Boiler room, they sell GMB listing setups to painters, roofers any local business that is hustling and doesn’t understand it takes 5 minutes to set up

Rep was adament that the offer was legit. I exposed to her the fraudulent aspects of her claims. I recommended to the caller that unemployment is very low and they could probably find a job in a legitimate call center.

It’s crazy that these companies continue to operate. They ride a fine line of what is legal, however, luckily Google is now going after these companies. My understanding is they have already started lawsuits against 4 of them and have setup a form to have the public report these call centers. I do wish I could allow names to be posted, however, when we did allow it, we outranked one of the companies who contacted us demanding their name be taken down because we were outranking their “legitimate SEO company” who according to their calls and website only do Google Business Listing scams. They then asked us how to increase their SEO rankings since it was so easy for us to outrank them. Our reply was “You say you’re an SEO company, you should easily be able to outrank my one small blog article that mentions your name only once”.

I was following you this whole time but now I don’t know if you just aren’t a man scorned, you said that there are “” NO RANKINGS ON GOOGLE ” in a previous post but now you’re saying your blog outranks a SEO COMPANY.

I apologize, I couldn’t find where I may have mentioned: “No Rankings on Google”. Google is 100% based on their ranking algorithm and there are tried and true SEO methods to rank better on Google. We even have a few articles on this site that talk about this. This blog article was showing higher for a particular company on their company name in Google Searches. This was because in the comments someone mentioned that company name and Google’s algorithm decided our page had enough page rank to be listed higher in search than theirs. This lead them to contact us and ask if we could remove their name which we took the stance of removing all names of any company at advice from our attorney. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for article. Nice to read comments and know for sure that these calls are bs. Just had one tell me they are certified reps for google yahoo and bing and that they see inconsistencies with my listing and want to help. How nice! As I hesitantly answered some questions I’d ask who are you and what company are you with again? She was so smooth I can’t even tell you what she said exactly lol. I just hung up.

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