Among the Ilalen tribes is known as Mezdagen

Yussef ben Tashfin (Ali ben Yussef, king of one’s Lemtunas, according to Marmol) lost everything except new mosque, part of and that Abd el-Mumen recovered

-twelve miles southern area out-of Fez and you will eight kilometers west of Sfru-one performed people area can be found with the pathways said, this may barely stay away from observe. (313) El-Bahalel, or Baalel, the community of the people of the same identity already alluded so you’re able to (notes 210, 211). It’s the Beni-Buhalul from Marmol, exactly who, absurdly sufficient, imagines that it is Ptolemy’s “Ceuta”. During the a schedule out of Hajj Mohammed Sherif maintained by D’Avezac, the trail in order to Sfru (Ssoforo) is defined as passageway within slopes A’zabah (and this can be Azgan) (mention 210) towards remaining and Behalyl on the right.-(D’Avezac, Etudes, an such like., p. 156.) (214) Ainelginum (the “fountain off genii”, we.elizabeth., jinnun), of “new water feature (spring) of idols” with the Asra el-Ha-or plural ‘Aiun este-Esnam-abbreviated towards the ” Snam”, is a type of identity inside the Barbary, possibly for the need Leo suggests. The fresh old orgie described is actually matched up from the similar rites enacte’d somewhere else-instance, such as, into the medkeval Heligoland, because described by the Von der Decken. (215) Mehedie off Marmol. This one, and this in Leo’s time was a student in spoils-although most likely it absolutely was never over a hill ” Ksor” -need certainly to, with respect to the symptoms provided, was in fact centered by the Obeid-ullah (Abu Mohammed) ben Ismail Este-Mahdi of one’s tribe off Zeneta el-Maghraua group. Which Marmol is the Empire away from ” Magaroas”. (216) New Sahab el-Marga, or Mangar, regarding Marmol, or ” brand new basic away from fearless males”. Renou considers your genuine name’s Seheb elMerja-new grassy basic-corrupted towards acronym Este-Mrijat. ” Seheb” function a keen uncultivated plain. (217) Azgari-Caar, anywhere between Sfru therefore the Atlas already described from inside the Mention 214. It appears to be an identical area one aran” and “Azgar”, into remark that some individuals call them the latest “flatlands from Onzar” ; anyone else the ones from ” Iufet otherwise from Mocin”, although title most frequently working are that which he’d adopted. Throughout the Schedule regarding Ahmed ibn-Hassan (El-Mtui) the brand new ordinary try mentioned due to the fact ” Zogari-Ahmar” (Walckenaer, Recherches, an such like., p. 458). It is the Zaghar este-Hamed Sherif (D’Avezac, Etudes, etcetera., p. 156). Azrar is actually a beneficial Berber word

Umen-Guinable is among the Alt-Jussi communities, from which the title has not yet visited you

(generally turned by the Arabs toward Zrar), definition “plain”, and you may Hamar means “donkeys”.-Renou, Expl. Scient. de- PAlgJrie, t. viii, p. one hundred. (218) As in Centopozzi (p. muddy matches hesap silme 375), Leo converts the name in the slope on Italian. ” Hundred or so pits” are Miat Abiar, otherwise Miat Bir, the brand new presumption is the fact that the Arab term for the mountain are Jebel Miat-Bir, and this is what Marmol pertains to it; no matter if, when he will not apparently see any longer about any of it than what Leo says to, it is reasonably likely that this might be a mere expectation to the his area. The position was, not, repaired in what is detailed within the next paragraph of Cunaigel Gherben. (219) About Itinerary out of Ahmed ibn Hassan he states the newest slope ” Omm-Djeniba”, on what you will find a detrimental ticket across the Atlas entitled Kebur ainsi que-Tuat, the tomb of one’s Tuatees, twentythree people from you to oasis which have perished within its snows. Both Leo and Marmol notice a risky and difficult violation, have a tendency to prohibited which have snowfall, though in summer the new ” Beni Essen” (Beni Hassan) Arabs make use of so it mountain having coolness. Ahmed mentions the communities titled ” Ksor Ait Iouci” were on the reverse side of admission, on the plain from Zergu. I next understand, about conjoint guidance away from Leo and you can Marmol, that we now have a couple of strengthened metropolises with this slope, hence offer the latest Beni Hassan positives of your violation. Tezerghe, or Tigaza, are, in the Renou’s viewpoint, “surely” this new fortified Berber town otherwise Ksar out-of Tsaguts (Tarsut), and therefore Ahmed captured on the banking companies of the Guigo (Gigu) river. which drops into Sebu. It is one of the slope called by the him Cunagel-gerben, and by Leo Cunaigel-Gherben, for example the fresh new crow’s passage. This will be evidently the fresh Kheneg este-Gherab, plus the hill the latest Jebel elGherib, probably one of the most essential in the brand new Atlas. The fresh greatest citation try therefore ranging from Jebel Om Jeriba towards south-western, and you can Este-Gherab toward northern-east.-Renou, Expl. Scient. de VAlgMe, t. viii, pp. 101, 102, 234.

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